Travis Sago

The Brief

Travis Sago is one of these people who sees the World in a different way than the rest of us. It’s hard to explain until you watch his videos or you drop into his mastermind groups. He’s just one of those important people to pay attention to.

He’s an expert at creating offers—high-ticket offers mostly. And then deploying those offers and iterating until he’s figured out the marketing message. Rinse and repeat.

He’s a huge influence on what I believe to be possible for those willing to learn and put in the effort.

Travis Sago


In development.


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    As its marketing pages say, it's the most powerful no-code chatbot builder out there. But why do you need a chatbot? You need one because you absolutely have to engage with your customers and get clear on your marketing messaging. Bonus: they have a ChatGPT integration!

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In development.

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