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Written By Bill Eisenhauer

Bill is a technologist, marketer, and microentrepreneur who helps people transition from trading time for money to building a portfolio of cash-flowing digit assets.


  • The water mill wealth concept
  • Rinse, repeat, and scaling up
  • Your glorious future of FU Money
  • An update on the Checks project

This is a million-dollar issue.

But FREE to you!

If I’m honest with you, I’m considering going all in on this.

Take Me to the River

If you look at that water mill and really think about what’s going on, there’s something to learn there.

The Energy Tap

There’s a river flowing with all of its steady and unstoppable energy.

Of course, if you are in Texas, maybe this is not quite true, but go with me on this.

And then there is the water mill which “taps” into the river’s energy and rechannels the energy to some other purpose.

Most importantly, you don’t have to create the river!

The Intellectual Property

Then the question is:  who built this water mill?

How did they learn how to build it?  

What effort did it take to get to this working water mill?

But whatever the case, we can assume they can build more if they need them.

Or share their plans with others who need water mills.

You can consider this intellectual property.

Taking Stock

What we have so far is:

  • Steady tap of energy; let’s call that cash flow
  • The water mill; let’s call that an asset
  • How to build water mills; let’s call that an intellectual property asset.

For some people, this might actually be “enough”, but you should be curious about how we can take it to the next level.

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Rinse and Repeat

Scaling your water mills.

If you can build your water mill energy taps, nothing stops you from building more and placing them down the river.

You own the orange ones.

More energy.

But now you sell a course to other would-be builders and you help them build water mills in exchange for some revenue share.

Those folks own the green ones.

More leverage for you.

And more energy too.

Now you’ve got your own water mills working for you and you’ve got a piece of water mills operated by others.

Life is pretty good.

More Income Streams

It’s going well and you really could stop there, but you see the world abundantly and decide to lease your course on how to build water mills.

The lessees sell your course and keep 100% of the proceeds.

Pretty good deal for the lessees!

But also a pretty good deal for you, but maybe a bit subtle.

The course buyers, more would-be builders, now all know about you and some of them solicit your help.

You partner with them and now you’ve increased and multiplied your revenue share.

Taking Stock

 So now you’ve got this:

  • Several steady taps of energy; cash flow
  • Several water mills; assets
  • Water mill building course sales; cash flow + asset
  • Several partner water mills with revenue share; cash flow + asset
  • Water mill building course leases; cash flow.

You’re also becoming known far and wide at a geometric rate.

But what’s really happened is the world has become your oyster.  You live life on your terms.  You pretty much have an FU Money situation.

What do you do now?

Innovate on the water mills and learn how to pull more energy out of the river.

Find new rivers.  Find new partners.

Diversify into other assets.

You never know, your rivers might run dry. But I doubt it.

Water Mills in the Real World

Obviously, this is not a story about a water mill business. This is a story about a business that solves problems for Clients and taps into their transaction flow to earn cash flow…for as long as the river of transactions flows.

Yes, I said this issue would be worth $1M and I can feel your anger from here as you start to think maybe I won’t tell you how to make this real.

I’m going to sorta make good on my tease.

I’m going to talk about this next week, but if you really can’t wait, you can go here. That’s my mentor’s landing page and he’s running a limited-time contest to add folks to his Facebook Group where he talks about how this is all done. There are plenty of goodies there and if you’ll pay attention and keep an open mind, you’ll be awash with possibilities.

To satisfy your curiosity, this is real. People are making anywhere from $10,000 per month up to ridiculous amounts. $10,000 is considered the you’re-not-even-trying amount.

Most of my subscribers should be able to put this together, but it’ll take some effort. And you’ll have to be okay with not always knowing the “how,” but instead the “who.”

Checks Project Update

There’s been plenty of activity on the Checks project which was featured in last week’s issue.

Here’s an article from CoinDesk that celebrates the project as helping to bring crypto back.

The project site continues to take shape and the secondary sales are now approaching $8M with a floor price now sitting in the $800 range. Astounding!

— Bill

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