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Written By Bill Eisenhauer

Bill is a technologist, marketer, and microentrepreneur who helps people transition from trading time for money to building a portfolio of cash-flowing digit assets.


  • Your missing core belief
  • Your two implicit businesses
  • A hypothetical case study
  • Be a digital asset builder

You are missing a core belief

There’s a core belief that you are missing that will affect your ability to become wealthy.

The wealthy do not work for money, they work for assets and equity.

Look at yourself. What are you doing?

If you are like most, you are trading time for money.

Don’t feel bad, that’s what most of the population does. But if you look around, is most of the population wealthy? No, they are not. So maybe there’s something to be learned from that observation.

At a minimum, you should be mindful of who you copy and the models they are abiding by that are programmed in and never questioned.

To cut to the chase, most wealthy are business owners. You need to be too.

Adopt this core belief:

  • I am willing to temporarily trade time for money; until
  • I build or acquire assets or businesses for equity and cash flow.
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85% of people will ignore that advice

I just gave you a core belief that you won’t see in play if you look around much.

As I said, most people don’t have it figured out. And other people just copy those people or take their advice.

There is a strong force in the world that sets people up to be average and look askance at those who are trying to break free of average.

At least 85% of people will read the newsletter and continue to live as they have been. Nothing will change for them.

You need to be different or you’ll continue to be average.

Living life by strategy

Your new core tenet comes from Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant and essentially defines the key skill you need to develop and your primary life strategy.

“the ability to convert cash or labor into assets that provide cash flow.”

— Robert Kiyosaki

At its simplest, you are already running an implicit business that does that. Although, you may be mismanaging your cash flow by not pouring it into enough assets.

But again, you are not alone. Now you know and with greater clarity comes the possibility that you can take constructive action.

Your two implicit businesses

But before we leave the topic of your implicit business, let me clarify:

You are actually running two businesses.

  • Your temporary labor business
  • Your asset management business.

This concept is straight from the book, Family, Inc.

Your Temporary Labor Business

Your temporary labor business’ objective is to convert your labor into financial assets as efficiently as possible by selling your skills and energy.

To be efficient, you must maximize the value of your skills. And you must maximize the value and allocation of your time.

You must optimize for:

  • Relentlessly obtaining specific skills (and not plateauing)
  • Continuously upgrading your compensation in exchange for these skills.

Your Asset Management Business

Your objective in your asset management business is to manage and grow your portfolio of assets and produce adequate cash flow to support both your consumption needs and investments in yourself to grow your labor business.

Examples of assets under management are your home, your savings, your 401(k), and your social security future payments. Real estate is commonly included by the more successful people.

But, of course, since this newsletter is called The Digital Asset Builder, I’m here to show you how to add digital assets to your asset portfolio.

A hypothetical case study

Let’s take look at these concepts with a 25-year-old in mind.

The financial future of a 25-year-old through the asset lens. (image credit: Family, Inc.)

Here’s what you’re seeing:

  • Green: the value in today’s money of expected after-tax labor income
  • Purple: the value in today’s money of after-tax future Social Security benefits
  • Red: net financial assets (financial assets minus financial liabilities).

You can see the 25-year-old converts labor into money and future Social Security payments during working years so they can use these assets to fund consumption during retirement.

But look closely and you’ll notice that labor represents the largest asset which means there is a high opportunity cost to excess schooling, unemployment, or underachieving. And then the knock-on effect of not maximizing your labor capital is a decrease in compounding financial assets.

Notice also that time and energy are finite, so labor capital will eventually run its course, and consumption will have to be funded by other assets.

Your asset portfolio future

Traditionally, you create financial assets, like a 401(k), an IRA, and so on.

But this is the Digital Asset Builder newsletter, so we’ll be focusing on diversifying your financial assets with digital assets that the Internet is making possible to create. And the good news is these assets can be built quickly and sometimes explode in value—potentially remapping your financial future chart so that it becomes a possibility to downsize your temporary labor business.

But fair warning: building digital assets is pretty fun!

You might find yourself building digital assets all the dang time—for You, Inc.

— Bill

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