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Written By Bill Eisenhauer

Bill is a technologist, marketer, and microentrepreneur who helps people transition from trading time for money to building a portfolio of cash-flowing digit assets.


  • Finally make some money from all your unused domain names
  • The flow and parade of domain searchers
  • Copy what I’m doing with my 15+ year old unused domains
  • Small ideas can help train your mind

How many domain names have you and I registered over the years only to eventually do nothing with them?

I’m embarrassed to say.

When I search for Namecheap in my email, it’s not a short list of domain names that turn up. Only a couple are actually still in use.

What have I done with the ones I still own?


In fact, in most cases, I didn’t even park them anywhere. If someone types that domain name in, they get nothing.

You and I can do better.

Who’s Your Daddy?

We could do something simple like park our domain with GoDaddy and let their advertisers pay us.

That’s better than the nothing, but barely.

But in past newsletters, I’ve talked about flow and energy and the importance of tapping into that energy for profit. And domain registration represents such a flow—a parade of likely entrepreneurs looking to find a home for their project.

The people who are coming to your unused domain are curious about the domain name itself. They aren’t following a link. They might have done a domain lookup, saw that it was registered, and then wondered what was on the website.

And maybe they hope that domain name can be acquired.

In my opinion, they are a prospect for purchasing my domain name or subscribing to my newsletter.

Or someone who should get any other offer I can think of.

So no, GoDaddy is not my Daddy and shouldn’t be yours either!

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Free Flowin’

I’ve got two domain names that are over 15 years old, and Those were going to be the projects that freed me from Corporate America.


I’ve redirected those domain names back to this site in order to tap into their natural flow. That energy and that parade of visitors now routes through me. Or if you recall from last week, I’ve reclaimed this traffic stream.

These two domain names will route to a specific page containing specific copy suited to what I believe those would-be domain owners are looking for. I’ve held these domains for so long that I’m including an application form to start a conversation.

I don’t expect to sell the domain name quickly, but I may have a few conversations over time. Those conversations will help me understand the market for those domain names. I can then improve my copy and increase my chances of making the sale.

Using a term from last week, the application form is a UMW, a unit of marketable value. This is Integration Marketing, after all.

Once again, I either get a sale or I get an email address. Valuable things.

Make ‘Em Another Offer

Most likely my visitor won’t be buying, so I might as well make them some kind of offer. I know they are looking for a domain name, so the simplest thing I can do is let them search for another domain name.

Namecheap has a domain search widget, so I put that on the page. If they search for a domain name and eventually buy one through Namecheap then I get a very modest commission. Anything to defray the renewal costs, right?

The other thing I could think about doing is being of service to them by presenting a course that I know about that might help them on their entrepreneurial journey. And take an affiliate commission if they buy.

I could also give them a qualified testimonial for this site’s host, Cloudways. Or its WordPress theme, GeneratePress.

Scale Up Small Ideas

Every newsletter prior to this one has been about big money ideas, but if you’re doing the math on the payoffs I’m talking about in this newsletter, you know I’m not talking about a whole lotta money here.

It’s true, there won’t likely be much payoff here.

But don’t go to sleep on the concepts. And the creative repetition this opportunity presents.

I’ve spotted an ignored flow, a parade, and a tap-in point.

I’ve ideated on what I could do to pull some energy (profit) from that flow.

And I’ve put it on auto-pilot.

Do this for yourself and then scale up.

Do this for others and take a piece of the pie you create for them. Then scale up again.

Now teach this to a few people and then scale up.

Now teach this to others and take a piece of the pie you help them to create for others. Then scale up again.

It’s free parking today, but someday you’ll have enough that everything will seem like it’s free.

Your own personal monopoly.

— Bill

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