Back to Skool

This issue introduces the concept of hopper communities and recommends the Skool app.

Pivot, Pivot!

This issue announces a pivot in my newsletter strategy and provides a Back End Agency pattern that you can steal.

Milking the Cows

If your customer list is like your herd of cows, you should be milking them regularly for referrals!

Today’s Tom Sawyer

The lesson from the Tom Sawyer whitewashing story that we can learn from which can enable us to occupy the toll position and get paid while others do the work.

Secret Ingredients to Great Courses

Your information product course has more jobs to do than just make sales and get results. What are these jobs and why are they the difference between good and great courses?

Get the Magic Power

How learning a magic trick helped me understand what magic really is and profitable magic that you can learn to perform yourself.

Always Be Building

Always Be Building

“Always Be Building” should be your mantra. Why and How you should be building assets even if you only have a few minutes per day.